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Probate in San Diego, California

Trust Clarence W. Finley, Attorney at Law for personalized probate and legal representation in San Diego, California. Attorney Finley has worked on all types of probate cases, and he has won the case, on either side, time after time. Contact us to learn more about our law firm or to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

About Probate Litigation

Probate is a simple term for a sometimes lengthy, complex, and costly process by which the probate court determines the validity of wills, trusts, and other instruments and oversees the distribution of the assets in the decedent's estate. It also provides a forum for legal will contests and estate disputes. Within this relatively simple framework, many complications may arise, including:

Will Contests, which generally arise in cases where property was promised to an individual without an express intention specified in the will. This may also be an issue if the will was drafted when the decedent was incapacitated or incompetent. Interference with Inheritance, or a claim that the decedent was improperly influenced by a family member or other person in the allocation of property or gifts. If a Person Dies Intestate, or lacking a will or other instrument of asset protection, litigation may be necessary to determine the rightful beneficiaries of the estate.
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Wrongful Death, which may require the investigation into the death of a loved one, the filing of documents to open an estate, and the appointment of a person to serve as personal representative for the decedent. I can refer you to a personal injury lawyer to handle wrongful death.

A Side Note on Will Contests

Will contests can arise by anyone or anything, including the gambler/loser trustee, the incompetent trustee, the ambiguous document, the wicked step-parent, the secretive trustee, the grasping beneficiaries, sibling rivalry, the co-dependent druggie, the omitted spouse, the last minute "caregiver", the forger, defrauder, and thief, just to name a few.
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