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A Word from Clarence W. Finley, Attorney at Law

What makes one person successful, while another person with the same grades, background, and ideas, fails? The difference is decision, acting on those ideas, risking failure, even taking a chance, and that is my hallmark. I am willing to help clients make decisions, and even do something different.

When I started practicing law in the 60s, a bestseller book was published "How to Avoid Probate". It was poorly written, with poor forms. It was roundly criticized by the organized bar, particularly by probate attorneys. I recognized immediately that it touched a natural well-spring in people. I instinctively knew that revocable living trusts, previously available only to the very rich, were the future in estate planning.

After I came to California, I became trust counsel for a more than 100-branch bank with a trust department. I created a number of tools for the bank, a prototype Keogh plan approved by IRS, revocable living trust forms, and a set of professional incorporation papers for doctors, dentists, and other professions with tax saving retirement plans. I took many of these tools into my later solo private practice. I was a pioneer in creating living trusts for ordinary people.
I believe in teamwork and in networking. I incorporated a professional referral group, which has now grown to more than 70 members. I can refer, with confidence, people in the areas of advertising, automotive, business services, financial and insurance, health services, home improvement and repairs, real estate, and particular legal specialties such as divorce, personal injury, malpractice, immigration, business, and real estate. I know these people's work, and meet with them regularly. This is an invaluable resource, particularly when clients move into an unfamiliar community, or do not have their own specialists already.

Early on, I found that people want quick, decisive action, not legal theories, talk, or wordy briefs, which often translate into excessive fees. These are some of the differences with my services, and they are big ones.
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