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Trust & Untrustworthy Trustees

Trustees have a lot of responsibility, and if they are uncooperative, fail to communicate, or engage in theft, it can leave the beneficiaries in a difficult situation. Sometimes trustees refuse to provide an accounting of the money and property distributed through the trust. They may have made unwise investments with the money from the trust or may have had the trust re-written to favor them.

Sometimes, trustees just don't give beneficiaries the inheritance to which they are entitled and won't even explain why. Trusts should be handled correctly under the law and when a trustee fails to appropriately administer the trust, steps should be taken by the beneficiaries to hold the trustee accountable. Like personal representatives, executors, trust administrators, conservators and guardians, trustees are considered a fiduciary under California Probate law. A trustee must administer the trust using the terms of the trust and the governing California Probate Code.
The instrument will likely direct the trustee to act or refrain from acting—a failure to do so may place the trustee in serious breach of his fiduciary duty. The following is a non-inclusive list of the fiduciary duties of the trustee:
  • Standard of Care
  • Duty to Administer the Trust
  • Duty of Loyalty
  • Duty of Impartiality
  • Duty to Avoid Conflicts of Interest
  • Control and Preserve
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